The science

Advances in neuroscience keep telling us more about what the brain cares about, and when.

Applying advertising science to your marketing will help you deliver better communications and build stronger brands.

We have carefully founded our business on the evolving findings in neuroscience. This is the study of how the structure and chemistry of our  nervous system, with particular focus on the brain, define what it does and therefore, to a large extent, what we do.

Some of the more recent findings though have been more about the “how” we do the things that we do. One example is that how we pay attention to the world influences at a fundamental level the we way we perceive and interact with it. It is this question of “how?” that has started to elevate our thinking above that of the reductive, machine model of the brain and the mind that is often created by the focus on the “what?” and was so loved by Victorian scientists.

For a more in depth look at what this means, please look at Neuroscience for business or Deep human understanding