Partner, Brand Experience & Design Strategy

Perpetually looking for ways to make absolutely everything better, easier to use and generally more enjoyable to coexist with. Joe has a degree in furniture design and manufacture, which has been a driving force behind a desire to redesign everything he comes into contact with.

An unconventional career started in children’s book design, which progressed on to producing best-selling educational CD ROM titles at the same international publisher. During his final year at the company, Joe was instrumental in setting up a new division that harnessed the potential of HTML and Flash to produce online children’s educational software for distribution across the web into multiple territories. A short stint on the agency side unlocked his desire to start his own boutique digital agencies, which he ran for twelve years. His work culminated in the production of a highly successful, creative SaaS platform, which revolutionised the approach to rich media creative production and delivery to multiple devices.

Joe’s interest in neurology stems from his personal experience with coma and trauma plus an extrapolated encounter with a rather large meningioma that shared his family life, undetected, for a number of years. As you can imagine, he is particularly interested in brain surgery and can recommend “Do No Harm” by Henry Marsh for a relaxing, bedtime read.

Joe has been playing guitar a lot longer than Michel, but you wouldn’t know it. He rides a purple moped with a top speed of 50mph – down a hill – but would perhaps be better off walking.