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The team at wethepeople regularly post thought pieces that cover the topics of advertising, health and neuroscience. If you write thought pieces on similar subjects, please feel free to leave a comment or drop in a link to your article.

The secret to creating successful LinkedIn posts…

by LinkedIn themselves!
12/09/2023/by Joe Hoyle

Harness FOMO to power up your next marketing campaign

with John Perkins
12/09/2023/by Joe Hoyle

The Great Hanoi Rat Massacre of 1902 and KPIs in 2023

Find out what links the two
with John Perkins
12/09/2023/by Joe Hoyle

Run faster, achieve more:
The power of the Goal Gradient Hypothesis

Run faster, achieve more
by John Perkins
12/09/2023/by Joe Hoyle

Your campaign might be visible to the eye…. but what about the brain?

Understanding its limitations will allow marketers to harness the opportunities by Michel Dubery
03/05/2023/by Michel Dubery

Let’s get real about artificial intelligence

Understanding its limitations will allow marketers to harness the opportunities by Michel Dubery
02/05/2023/by Michel Dubery

So you’ve set yourself a New Year’s resolution…

New year's resolutions, forming habits and human behaviour by John Perkins
05/01/2023/by Joe Hoyle

Even complex customers need simple stories

by Michel Dubery
22/11/2022/by Michel Dubery

Interrupting people is way harder than it sounds.
Just ask a Boston cop.

by Michel Dubery
11/11/2022/by Michel Dubery

Is your brand a few bars short of a symphony?

How music and sound can help your brand to capture the hearts of more customers by Patrick Norrie
27/10/2022/by Patrick Norrie

Got a technology question? Steve Jobs still has the answer.

by John Perkins
22/09/2022/by Joe Hoyle

We just need to know one more thing…

A study in rational yet obstructive behaviour by Michel Dubery
14/09/2022/by Michel Dubery

Trying to influence someone?
Offer them lunch or ask for a favour?

If you are stuck with an approach strategy to a particular person…
06/09/2022/by Michel Dubery

Beliefs and burgers

by Michel Dubery
25/05/2022/by Michel Dubery

What can Chairman Mao teach us about optimising customer journeys?

by Michel Dubery
18/05/2022/by Michel Dubery

What can this joke tell us about developing communication ideas?

by Michel Dubery
02/12/2021/by Michel Dubery

How being distinctive helped a new chocolate company enjoy run-away success

by John Perkins
14/09/2021/by Joe Hoyle

Why do customers sometimes seem blind to your new messaging?

Ever wondered why customers haven’t noticed new information…
10/06/2021/by Michel Dubery

Implementing the reward mechanism to encourage behaviour change

As grown-ups in the 21st century, we are all patently aware…
04/09/2019/by Michel Dubery

Book review by Gabriella Rose – “When breath becomes air”

by Paul Kalanithi
26/04/2018/by Joe Hoyle

Why apps that fail to reward ultimately end up failing

I was in a client meeting the other day when I was asked a very…
02/08/2016/by Michel Dubery

The Fall and Rise of Useful Advertising

Remember when programmatic was going to effortlessly turn DDA…
13/07/2016/by Joe Hoyle

Are you making the classic multichannel marketing mistake?

When we consider MCM it is vital that we remember what the last…
08/06/2016/by Michel Dubery

Helping the right brain lead the way in research

For a creative person, research can be equally invigorating and…
04/05/2016/by Patrick Norrie

Applying neuroscience to improve your marketing effectiveness – No.1 Gamification v Gaming

Gamification: are you making this fundamental error?

21/04/2016/by Michel Dubery

Digital disruption or a clever tweak?

I’ve been seeing this slide a lot recently. Each time it gets…
26/11/2015/by Michel Dubery

How much can digital & social alone really grow your business?

This is a brilliantly well written article in the FT by freelance…
17/11/2015/by Michel Dubery

Escaping the Prison of the Over-Rational

The latest findings in neuro-science have profound implications…
17/11/2015/by Michel Dubery

Great Lewis Carroll Quote for the Day…

“Alice laughed. ‘There’s no use trying,’ she said. ‘One…
17/11/2015/by Michel Dubery

The Brand Frying Pan and the Motorbike Helmet

Imagine a land where marketers wandered around town centres armed…
17/11/2015/by Michel Dubery

RSA Animates: Iain McGilchrist – The Divided Brain

Brilliantly put together by the RSA from a talk given by Dr Iain…
16/11/2015/by Michel Dubery

Einstein on Intellectual Humility

"As a human being one has been endowed with just enough intelligence…
16/11/2015/by Michel Dubery