Why we do it

We believe passionately in creativity and innovation that we can bring to life in ever-more persuasive ways.

Our driving passion is to understand why people behave the way they do in the world, using a neuroscience-based approach.

We harness that deep human understanding and use it as a launchpad to build better, more interesting, and more profitable brand communications.

Building strategies to create insightful messages is the best way to keep work impactful and brands visible. Our clients deserve nothing less.

Our inspiration

The latest writings in neuroscience, particularly Iain McGilchrist’s opus magnum “The Master and his Emissary”, have shone a light into how human beings, and the type of attention we bring to the world, have an enormous impact on how we perceive & behave in it.

Harnessing these findings to improve brand strategy, experiences and business results is the reason we exist. To see more of what we offer look at our services.

A truly exciting part of this understanding is that it has begun to explain some of the paradoxes seen in business: Why, in spite of meticulous research, do our communications often struggle to perform? Why in spite of constantly improving and more widely applied processes, does innovation and creativity often evade us or look pedestrian?

One key  finding is that we bring two types of attention to the world. One, from the left brain, is narrow and focuses largely on the familiar.  The right, is broadly vigilant for the new and unfamiliar. So different, and important, are these viewpoints that, when we are using one, the other is pushed into the background. Experiences that attract, or are created by one side of the brain are largely unappealing or even incomprehensible to the other. This is just one implication of a single finding, there are many, many others.

To learn more, we’d recommend you look at Neuroscience for business and Deep human understanding.

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