Ascensia Contour®NEXT One

Deep dive into the Contour®NEXT One diabetes meter patient support program

Ascensia Contour®NEXT One glucose testing meter


Ascensia case study Contour®NEXT One diabetes device app image


Ascensia Contour®NEXT One glucose testing meter


Helping people with diabetes to get the best out of their new monitoring device and app

wethepeople helped users of the new, state-of-the-art Ascensia Contour®NEXT One diabetes device app to access all the brilliant features of their new Bluetooth-enabled meter. We also wanted to support them in holding the right conversations with their HCP to get the right testing strips for their new meter on prescription.

The onboarding programme we created carefully guided new users through every step of using their new Ascensia Contour®NEXT One meter. At its heart was a series of helpful emails. First we told them when their meter was on its way. Then, once it was in their hands, we helped users acquaint themselves with all the features that make the CNO so popular. After that we guided users through the crucial steps of changing their test-strip prescription, setting up their cloud account, and telling us honestly how we could make the meter and the user experience even better for future CNO users.

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