Meeting the threat of Rabies and Tick-borne encephalitis head-on with our bold creative approach

Bavarian Nordic detail aid - Page 1

Bavarian Nordic detail aid - Page 2 

Bavarian Nordic detail aid - Page 3 

A campaign for Bavarian Nordic, targeting healthcare professionals in France, Germany and Sweden

Rabies and Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) can be fatal. Rabies is on the rise in parts of Europe and TBE is very easy to catch – with potentially awful consequences.

For our recent campaigns for Bavarian Nordic we decided that we needed a bold and contemporary creative and style to raise concerns appropriately to doctors, without alarming them (obviously).

Experience tells us that there is a fine line between the two; a line that is all-too-easily crossed. Too little concern and people won’t take you seriously – too much and our brains make us want to switch off. It’s perfectly normal human behaviour.

Creative approach

The design was deliberately bold, using strong panels of colour which served a number of purposes. Sometimes they directed people to a key point, while at other times they represented data or held images. Whichever, their objective was always to capture attention and drive engagement.

The campaigns consisted of several key print and digital elements. Each was carefully crafted to be informative and educational.

Desired outcome

Ultimately, we wanted people to travel safely, explore without boundaries and holiday without threat. So the message was always delivered with the same aim – understand the risks and potential consequences, then make sure adequate protection is in place.