Dual-purpose asset creation


Chorus Project

Helping smaller healthcare companies to develop core digital assets efficiently


Today, many healthcare products are launched by companies who don’t always have the resources traditionally associated with larger corporates – but who still require promotional support. Developing the website and detail aid independently is inefficient and often leads to sub-optimal outcomes.


wethepeople has developed an effective tailored solution called Chorus – a parallel digital development model that delivers high quality, fully-aligned web, mobile and sales assets for a consistent and measurable customer experience.

Chorus gives you:

  • Consistency of brand communications. One core experience delivered in two integrated experiences
  • Flexibility. Builds from existing design/campaign elements or new campaign/brand look and feel
  • Speed. Overlapping project redundancy eliminated.
  • Optimised user experience. An enhanced experience across website and e-detail.
  • Offline presentations. Chorus features offline presentation functionality
  • CRM integration flexibility. Seamless integration with the most popular CRM solutions.
  • Enhanced tracking. Solutions that realise tracking functionalities for brand communication insights.