Imodium: EMEA TV and digital


Breaking an established myth for Imodium

There’s a common myth that it’s best to let diarrhoea take its natural course. However, this approach means you’ll just lose valuable water and nutrients, slowing down your recovery.

Imodium is the ideal treatment for diarrhoea as it calms the gut and helps the body retain nutrients and water. But its efficacy is its own worst enemy. Many people believe that Imodium blocks you up. This incorrect belief is restricting product usage to special occasions only.

To break this myth, we developed a distinctive creative approach to get noticed and avoid the negative transfer trap of “I already know what Imodium does”. Having gained our audience’s open attention, the ad maintains that attention using a selection of interesting characters and educates viewers about Imodium’s mode of action.

The results were extraordinary

The campaign overdelivered massively on the view-through rate, with 79% of all viewers watching right to the end. Also, it ranked in the top quartile for the target market and is currently being rolled out to 23 markets.

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