Consumer education campaign for Medtronic (EMEA)

Case study: “Take a fresh look”

Around 25% of the adult population have varicose veins, yet only 1% are treated. This situation was being exacerbated by the collapse of elective treatments during lockdowns across Europe.

Medtronic wanted to create a consumer-targeted campaign to increase demand for treatment. They were in a unique position to capitalize on this demand as they offer two best-in-class, non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures.

Our “Take a fresh look” campaign invited the target audience to think again about varicose vein treatments; to consider treatments from Medtronic that require no surgery, result in minimal pain and bruising and deliver fast recovery times.

For a target audience that was 35-54 years old and mainly female, Instagram and Facebook were the obvious media channel. So wethepeople developed a collection of social media ads, including Instagram carousels and Facebook static ads.

We gained attention by using emotive imagery – showing the audience, in a first-person view with their legs exposed in situations that they would usually avoid through embarrassment… only we showed how their legs could look after treatment.

This, combined with a clear invitation to find out more about easy modern treatments, created a powerful campaign that was optimized through live testing.

This emotionally engaging campaign’s performance was stronger than everyone’s most optimistic predictions.  Click-through rates were over 101% above Facebook’s predictions. As a result, our Take A Fresh Look campaign is now being rolled out across multiple markets across EMEA.