Rapid prototyping

Nimble web updates for larger clients


RapidPress UX

Creating customer-driven digital solutions at speed

The challenge

Our larger clients often find it difficult to develop effective website updates and refreshes quickly. Often, large digital enterprise platforms sacrifice speed to serve other needs around corporate brand consistency, CMS scalability and digital architecture.

The solution

wethepeople has pioneered a solution that helps our larger clients to instantly be more nimble. We do this by developing independently-hosted mini web properties at speed, and by mirroring the client’s website or part of the website.

Using powerful remote tools we have the ability to test the new web experience (whether that’s UX, design or copy) and iterate quickly based on the customer feedback.

The optimised web assets that come out of this process then form part of the brief to the client development team. The result is a website update or enhancement that has already proven to perform and that can be implemented at speed.