Using gamification to change behaviour

Using gamification to onboard new patients

We were asked to create an engaging and involving mobile onboarding experience for patients with Type 2 diabetes who had been prescribed a new treatment.

Initiating new medication can be daunting for many people, especially when, in their minds, it represents a worsening of their condition and can (wrongly) trigger misplaced feelings of failure.

By basing our solution on the principles of gamification and behaviour change, we knew we would be able to help patients to successfully move onto their new treatment and stay on track throughout their initial onboarding.

The routes we created featured level accomplishment, ongoing reward structures, bonus rewards and opportunities to collect extra points… each of them being closely related to ongoing progress. As the patients’ expertise grew, the functionality and rewards they received would become more involving.

The end results looked really powerful, and very different to traditional patient onboarding initiatives. We’d be happy to discuss this in greater depth. Just contact us.