ScreenMe: Pre-launch in-market message testing

Robust message testing within a week

The challenge

A recent engagement with a healthcare startup required the creation of proposition, message followed by execution testing. Like most startups they were tight on investment and even tighter on time.

The solution

We designed a consumer-focused testing programme that simultaneously tested six sets of messages on Facebook and Instagram, each illustrating a different proposition. Everyone who clicked through was taken to the startup’s website containing more details about the service and when it would be available.

After 500,000 impressions, we had robust data in just a week. Better still, the results were clear and surprising to the client. We discovered there were two very clear segments in the market, each responding strongly to two different message sets.

It was a smart approach for a startup client. But here’s the learning for all of us – this approach can easily be replicated across social media channels, including LinkedIn which offers immediate access to thousands of healthcare professionals who can be targeted in the same way.

How could this approach give you a quick read on the messages that will resonate in your market?