Website creation and delivery for Symprove

A rich, educational website supported by social media and intelligent, automated email activity

Symprove is a unique, water-based food supplement which contains four strains of live and active bacteria. Due to its water-based nature, it does not trigger digestion upon reaching the stomach, therefore the bacteria pass through to reach targeted areas of the gut.

The client knew that healthcare professional (HCPs) recommendation of the food supplement was a significant source of new business but their approach to working with HCPs was ad-hoc.

Working with the client we were able to build an HCP digitally lead marketing strategy. This involved refinement of marketing objective, prioritisation of HCP audiences, persona development, customer journey development, content strategy and digital touchpoint plan.

wethepeople were then tasked to build and manage the digital communications ecosystem with the client including new HCP focussed website, content marketing approach, social media communications, retargeting, behavioural email programme, content updates and measurement plan.

The programme is still in its early days but initial results are exciting. Watch this space…