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Personalised videos for Barclays

In a world where consumers are exposed to thousands of brand messages every day, how does a high street bank engage consumers above all that noise?  The answer is to make the communication so relevant that it is unique to the consumer.

The approach has been so successful for Barclays that we built a series of videos to realise a range of objectives to specific audience segments.  But each time, the video created was unique to that individual, and each time the video exceeded engagement performance targets set by the client.

Barclays: Onboarding Donna

The onboarding stage of any service relationship is critical.  It is at this early stage of the relationship when habits are formed and customers can be made aware of additional revenue generating products and services.  This personalised film uses techniques based on neuroscience to deliver an experience that guarantees interest from the customer.

Barclays: Personal Lending

This video was delivered by email directly to 180,000 customers.

Getting customers to take notice of an email about a personal loan is a significant challenge so it took a highly innovative solution to stand out in each customer’s inbox.

Average viewing time of 58.5 seconds of a 60 second video shows that customers were engaged right to the end of the experience.

Victoza: Freshstart

Novo Nordisk had an early challenge with Victoza.  They were concerned that side effects of nausea in the first 7-10 days of treatment would result in high levels of discontinuation.  This movie shows how we used real people to convey high levels of enthusiasm to patients who were starting on a new medication.

Pfizer: Viagra

Pfizer Viagra Hardwords Screenshot

On this website, that we created for the Pfizer Viagra team, we again used “enthusiastic” real people to address the taboo subject of erectile dysfuction.   In addition the site uses interactive elements throughout to interest and encourage patients.

Barclaycard: My Player Twin

Our objective was to get men excited about something that was typically seen as a “low interest category” – shopping. But more specifically, a new online shopping channel from Barclaycard, called Bespoke offers.  We used facial recognition technology to play with men’s passion for football, creating a league of look a likes.  It was fun, sharable and highly popular. Over 113,000 men engaged with the game and went on to become valuable customers.